The French baguette registered as an intangible heritage by UNESCO

Internationally, the basic Frenchman is represented by a beret, a sailor suit and a baguette in hand. Since Wednesday, December 30, 2022, the baguette, emblem of France, has been registered as intangible heritage by UNESCO. Zoom on our star of the day.

Several legends revolve around bread. One of them tells that the first chopsticks would have seen the light of day during the reign of Napoleon. Another says that it was August Zang, an Austrian baker, who introduced it to France … Since always, the baguette keeps in its heart the secrets of this French know-how.

But there is a story that we can tell you: the one that links bread to Maison Constanti.

It all began in Lannes-en-Barétous in 1923 with Léon Constanti. Determined to make bread more digestible and of better quality, he began to make them all from a natural leaven.

Even today, the flour chosen by Maison Constanti is produced in France, organic, labeled and treated to remove all traces of remaining pesticides.

Our breads are made every morning by hand by our craftsmen-bakers. They knead the dough with spring water from Lannes-en-Barétous salted with Guérande salt. It is in this freshness, this love for the craft and for the quality raw material that the inimitable flavor of Constanti’s breads resides.

This family business has the ambition to always keep the fundamental values of the House, namely quality and ethics in order to continue to make quality breads with original recipes.

And the story continues to be written …


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