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Bakers for 100 years, we have become much more than that over the years … All our know-how can be discovered in our different stores in Béarn and in our E-shop le Béret de Constanti.


Bakery ...

The bread founded the reputation of the House Constanti. Still elaborated today with their ancestral leaven in the bakery of Lanne-en-Barétous from local flours from the controlled Agriculture (Reasoned and Controlled Culture), labelled and organic. Among our must-haves, spicy or plain corn bread, special breads and Jean-Luc Constanti’s custom-made creations. Their breads are found on many Pyrenean tables and renowned throughout France.


and Viennese pastries

The pastries are made according to a family know-how and elaborated with quality raw materials (AOC butter, farm eggs). The baker makes croissants, chocolatines, raisin breads … and our mysterious Bostoks.


At Maison Constanti, pastry is synonymous with rigor and precision. With a concern for detail and perfection, the creations harmonize flavors, scents and textures: authentic Basque cakes and chocolate creations, orange and walnut from Périgord, praline, fine pastries, macaroons with multiple classic and surprising flavors or the inevitable travel cakes.

Chocolatier français


As for the chocolates, there are more and more new flavors to choose from, with a whole universe of chocolates to be found on the online store. Discover the chocolate bars, the pralines “bérets de Constanti”, the old-fashioned or salted butter caramel spreads.

Cookie factory

They remind us all of the good times of childhood because they are made from noble and natural ingredients (AOC butter, flours from the Moulin de Campaillou…) made with love as in the past. Cookies, assortments of Mendiants will delicately accompany your gourmet breaks.

confiserie constanti


Go back to childhood with our marshmallows, orangettes, fruit jellies which are declined according to the seasons…


Find our homemade ice creams and sorbets in all our stores. You will also find our frozen pastries such as the Chapeau de d’Artagnan, the vanilla-strawberry vacherin, the Norwegian omelette or the frosted lemon entremet.


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Reserve your breads, pastries and salty snacks by phone and pick them up at the time of your choice.

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