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From personalized business gifts to the staging of your events and the creation of special recipes, our sales team will accompany you at every stage of your project to make it unique.

Works Councils

Enter our gourmet universe and discover the exclusive offer dedicated to the Works Councils. Offer original chocolates to your clients, partners or teams.

Cadeau d'affaires Chocolat

Business gifts

Chocolates, pralines, macaroons, confectionery, cookies … Shipping in France and Europe. Because it is important to thank those with whom you work, we offer our mini box of two berets to choose from, perfect as a gift for your collaborators and / or employees.


Offer chocolate candies with your company’s image. Colors, flavors or patterns, we create for you delicacies that resemble you, presented in boxes like jewelry cases.

Chocolatier français


A press launch? A party for your best customers?

Offer a unique gourmet experience to your guests.


Participate in an interview with Mrs. and Mr. Constanti. During this gourmet analysis, we invite you to evoke your preferences, your desires with two creators of delicacies, which will be delighted to meet your expectations.


Hotels and restaurants

We support hotel and restaurant professionals through a classic or customized offer, in France and abroad.

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