100 years of commitment to the territory and all its inhabitants

We are firmly committed to the development of our territory, the environment and the integration of all populations.

Eco-responsibility and ethics

Moreover, by supplying itself exclusively and for a long time with local producers, Maison Constanti ensures the durability of its producers and suppliers and participates in their development while supporting the production “made in France”…

We favor short circuits and suppliers who defend their ethical and mostly local productions.

Our teams are aware and mobilized, with our Artisan means for thehe fight against daily waste through simple actions (recipes with stale bread, bread for animals from local farms, little stock but less loss), fight against plastic (porcelain dishes, cardboard packaging from Auch, in plants: cornstarch),

For employment

With about fifty employees divided between our stores and our workshops in Lanne, Pau and Oloron, we are a major player in the Béarn economy. in the Béarn economy.

Encouraging diversity

By hiring people from a variety of backgrounds, from Brazil to Japan, from Madagascar to Russia, Maison Constanti immerses itself in the cultures of the world and inspires its teams, who are encouraged to share their ideas.

Giving everyone the opportunity to be trained in the family know-how of the Maison Constanti, and to learn from each other, is what makes Nathalie & Jean-Luc so happy.

Concerned about well-being in the workplace and sensitive to life paths, and above all about listening, they wish to do their part by giving an equal opportunity to those who are motivated, whoever they may be, to integrate into our society and to develop professionally.

To transmit, yes, but by making knowledge accessible to all. Thanks to this leitmotiv, several gourmet projects with flavors from elsewhere are underway …

Professional integration of young people

Apprentices bakers, pastry chefs, business students, among many others, are welcomed each year in large numbers within the structures of Maison Constanti.

Nathalie and Jean-Luc wish to pass on their knowledge to all and help motivated young people to develop their skills in the range of professions that make up Maison Constanti. Thanks to apprenticeship contracts in particular, everyone can have the opportunity to participate in the family adventure.

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