Chocolate berets for your business gifts

“We are aware that a corporate gift is a real business card. To support you in this responsibility, we put as much care into our services as we do into our products.” Looking for the perfect corporate gift? What if an assortment of Constanti berets were the perfect corporate gift? You appreciate our praline chocolates and you would like to offer them to your customers, partners or employees? Discover our offer dedicated to corporate gifts. The possibility of offering them in your gourmet business gifts would be an honor for us!

  • The Original beret: a chocolate candy with inside, corn bread spiced with a typical ingredient of the region, the Espelette pepper. They represent the French elegance but above all the historical and traditional side of the Basque Country and Bearn.
  • The Praline beret: a beret with black sesame praline, peanut, pecan or popcorn.
Format of 16 berets of your choice

Format of 2 berets of your choice

We created the Constanti beret after many years of work and research. Mrs. Constanti wanted to rely on an internationally recognized form, a French symbol, emblem of our region, strong image of France and local pride. The creation of the chocolate beret was possible thanks to the help of her husband Jean-Luc Constanti, Master Chocolate Craftsman.

By combining know-how and creativity, they have given a chocolate candy with a spicy corn center, the Constanti beret. Created as a tribute to the Pyrenees, and with a view to bringing this emblem up to date, the beret is available in spiced corn pralines, original pralines and unique ganaches. Beyond its historical symbolism, it is also cultural and represents elegance, style and the French art of living.

For all requests for quotations or information, of boxes filled with chocolate bars, spreads and Constanti berets, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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