100 years of tradition and innovation

Maison Constanti is an unusual company, in the literal sense of the word. This is a story that takes place in the 1900s in a small village at the foot of the Pyrenees.

A family tradition

It is, at the beginning, a baker who delivers his bread with his cart in the distant farms and who distributes small breads to the children, whom he calls cuckoo.

It is the continuation of a son who will take over the bakery with his wife in the 60’s, of the earthquake which will destroy everything to better rebuild.

... who does not hesitate to break the codes

It is a house where tradition and iconoclastic paths are mixed, shaking up codes and preconceived ideas.

The Constanti House is a happy mess where you can change your mind at the last minute, where today’s job may not be yesterday’s and probably not tomorrow’s.


Innovation and creativity by talents from all horizons

A whirlwind where each day poses a new challenge, a new reinvention, an affront to the impossible. It is a house that surrounds itself with talents that conceive of work differently, with respect for others, with self-demand, with the search for one’s limits. To carry out this sweet creative madness, we also surround ourselves with talents from all horizons who help us deliver our promises, without failing, without weakening and who accept that their adventure in the Constanti house may rub off on them a little.

Sharing and inheritance

Today, the family know-how has been passed on to the fourth generation, which has inherited this gourmet heritage and continues to write the story. It is a house where passion and craftsmanship have been, are and will be shared. Maison Constanti also has its secrets and mysteries that make it a unique house.