Chocolate for the greediest of dads!

Whatever your father’s temperament, you’ll have something to suit his tastes. How will you surprise him? By going towards classic pralines close to his character? Or by playing the complementary game by offering him a taste of the unexpected with our original pralines? For the gourmet dads or gourmets… the choice is vast.

You have to choose among our Constanti beret collection 😉

The Original Beret
The Original Beret : with spicy grilled corn in milk and/or dark chocolate

The Praline Beret
: peanut praline, black sesame, pecan and popcorn

The fruit paste beret
Blackcurrant and/or mango fruit paste

The Tasting Beret
An assortment of our entire collection (16 Constanti berets)

Choose your box and write a little message to the person you are giving it to! Click here

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