Do you know the Easter chocolate panetonne?

A Panettone for Easter? The Constanti House dares the legendary Italian specialty ... with a terribly greedy coating!

What is Panettone?

During the festive season, especially at Christmas and New Year, Italians enjoy the Panettone, invented in Milan, as a dessert. Here in France, it is eaten as much at breakfast, as a snack, as a snack… It reminds us of the Alsatian Kouglof and to tell the truth, we love it.

Panettone is a complex product to make. To make it, it requires 2 days of preparation, and is made with a natural leaven, candied oranges and lemons and raisins macerated in muscatel wine. The Milanese Panettone is made according to a precise and rigorous charter. Authentic Panettone has a dark brown, biscuit-like, dry crust and a soft, moist crumb.

Why do we love it? It is an ultra-moist cake, it keeps for 3 months, and it is especially very greedy…


The Panettone and the Maison Constanti, it’s a bit of Italy in Bearn …

Jean-Luc Constanti, his son Louis and the entire team of pastry chefs from the Maison Constanti went to Italy to learn how to make the traditional Panettone. They now cultivate the art of Panettone with organic candied fruits that arrive directly from Sicily, and work with natural leaven, which is already 66 years old! During the winter season they make 2 Panettones, the Milan (the traditional one) and the Four Seasons. Original for the latter, it is enriched with chocolate chips. Constanti’s Panettone has been recognized by its peers as one of the 10 best in the world. To know more about it, don’t hesitate to watch this small report, realized by France 3 about our Panettone.




The limited edition Easter Panettone is waiting for you on our online store

Our Panettone (for 8 people) has been dressed in its most beautiful chocolate outfit… which is none other than a delicious dark chocolate ganache. Its brioche is filled with chocolate chips, organic candied fruits: orange and pear, and is made with fresh egg yolks, first quality butter, and is always made with our natural leaven.

So what could be better than a beautiful Italian brioche to finish your Easter meal, for your snacks or breakfasts? A very thin crust, almost a skin, caramel color, with a dark chocolate ganache, an airy and melting texture, and flavors that smell good Italy … how to resist!

A traditional Italian specialty made with natural leaven, with an exceptional softness and texture, revisited by Jean-Luc Constanti, to be tested very quickly because our Easter Panettone is in limited edition! Reserve it now on our online store.

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