Adopt your chocolate Pyrenean sheep!

Easter is back and so are our many Easter items in all our stores!

Our Pyrenees and our beret, united in an adorable sheep from the Pyrenean pastures!

This year, to celebrate Spring and Easter, we wanted to offer you an edition in honor of our Constanti berets and our Pyrenees. Find the essential Easter figurines in milk or dark chocolate: sheep, fish, chickens, clowns, who can’t wait to be tasted!

Why you will fall for our sheep …

Our chocolate sheep, with the typical shapes of those of our mountains

They have a round body which makes them particularly cute and with a beret on the head which makes them rather Bearn or Basque if you prefer 😉

Sheep that remind us a little of the Easter tradition …

Easter has become a tradition in our society, and for many it represents a holiday weekend, where we celebrate the return of spring, and of course where we participate in the egg hunt and for some where we taste the Easter lamb. The latter has a very important and symbolic place in religions. As for Maison Constanti, it has created this chocolate Easter sheep, which will delight young and old, and even vegetarians!

Because at Maison Constanti, chocolate rhymes with Valrhona!

And yes, thanks to the milk or dark chocolate of our partner Valrhona, our sheep will melt your taste buds!

Because a gift is always a pleasure, especially if it evokes our roots

There is always a good opportunity to please and indulge, especially at Easter, the holiday where we enjoy the chocolates! So our chocolate sheep will surprise, amaze with their berets, but be sure, they will delight everyone!

They will embellish your Easter tables

Indeed, it is also the occasion before tasting them if you resist, to present them on your Easter table to give your tables a festive Béarn style!

Choose the sheep wearing the beret of your favorite color

As you can see below, they are all wearing berets of different colors. Let yourself be tempted by the typical Basque red berets, the green, yellow, brown and even pink ones… There is something for everyone!

Easter is fast approaching, so order yours by clicking here.

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