7 good reasons to eat chocolate!

“Who wants CHOCOLATE?…” As soon as we hear this magic word, we immediately imagine the last ultra-gourmand chocolate pictures we saw on Instagram or the last time we ate super good chocolate… But chocolate is not only that!

The benefits of chocolate for the body and mind

Cocoa has many qualities that we do not even suspect … Chocolate is not only a delicacy, it is also a natural product source of benefits for the body and mind. So many good reasons to treat yourself while taking care of your health. Today, we reveal 7 good reasons to succumb without remorse to the temptation of good chocolate!


1. A beauty ally you said?

And yes, it’s not an intoxication, chocolate is rich in zinc and calcium, so it will contribute to the health of our teeth, nails and hair!

2. On the way to serenity!

Too much work, too much stress and you’re thinking of taking up yoga? Stop! Rich in magnesium, chocolate considerably reduces the level of plasma cortisol in the blood and thus helps reduce stress. Say goodbye to anxiety and depression with a square of dark (112mg) or milk (60mg) magnesium chocolate during your morning break, for example, to invigorate you for the day!

“The prescription is one square of dark chocolate morning and night.” You would think that we are talking about drugs, but it is not so! Professor Henri Joyeux, sells the daily merits of chocolate.

3. An excellent antioxidant

Rich in polyphenols, but also in vitamins A, E and C, chocolate contains a large number of antioxidant substances that help fight against cellular aging. What to avoid botox! The antioxidant capacity of cocoa would be 4 to 5 times higher than black tea, 2 to 3 times higher than green tea and wine. It is the flavonoids and minerals (zinc, manganese, copper) contained in cocoa that are particularly active.

4. The winning duo; coffee + chocolate

To accompany coffee, what better way to finish the meal than with a square of chocolate! Indeed, like coffee, it is an energy booster (thanks to theobromine which is a bit like caffeine) and facilitates digestion and the feeling of satiety!

5. Because there is something for everyone…

Ephemeral ganaches with flavors from elsewhere and here, pralines with spicy roasted corn, dark sesame, popcorn, among many others … with their milk or dark chocolate coatings … There is something for everyone at Maison Constanti!
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Of course, to fully enjoy them, we have chosen to create these Constanti berets, these high quality chocolate bonbons, using Valrhona chocolate and sourcing them from local suppliers. We pay particular attention to the balance of flavors, with a low sugar content.

6. Because beyond the taste, we are already seduced by its appearance

Because in addition to being delicious, our Constanti berets are particularly irresistible even before they are eaten! Their elegant beret shape and Art Deco style packaging will make you fall in love with them before you even get a bite!

7. Because chocolate is just so good!

There is always a good opportunity to please and to treat yourself, so our original praline chocolates will surprise and amaze but be sure, they will delight all the gourmets!

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